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Senior Member Uniforms

The wearing of uniforms is regulated by CAPM 39-1, CAP Uniform Manual.


Para states: A significant representation of CAP’s organizational heritage, as well as CAP’s unique affiliation as the Auxiliary of the US Air Force (USAF), is the authorization for CAP members to wear CAP distinctive uniforms as well as uniforms similar to the US Air Force. CAP uses distinctive emblems, insignia, and badges to identify individuals wearing the USAF-style uniforms as CAP members.

1.2. Wear of the CAP Uniform.

1.2.1. Individual members will obtain and maintain for wear either of the [two] minimum basic uniforms described [in para or below]. These combinations meet the requirements of most CAP events. A commander may require [other] optional uniform items only if the purchase is voluntary....


Air Force Style "Blues" Uniform: Minimum USAF-style Uniform: The minimum basic USAF-style uniform is the Blue Service Uniform (Class B) with short sleeve shirt (male) or blouse (female) as appropriate. Cadets authorized to wear the USAF-style uniform are required to maintain this uniform.



Corporate "White" Uniform: Minimum Corporate-style Uniform: The minimum basic CAP Corporate-style uniform is the Aviator Shirt Uniform with short sleeve shirt or blouse as appropriate. Cadets aged 18 and older who meet weight standards for wear of the USAF-style uniform must maintain the USAF-style Class B uniform as noted in the previous paragraph.


1.2.2. Wearing the USAF-style uniform is a privilege extended to CAP members who meet weight (see CAPM 39-1, Attachment 2) and grooming standards (see CAPM 39-1, paragraph 3.2). Commanders and activity directors are expected to enforce these standards and ensure that members wearing USAF-style uniforms understand these requirements [and] that members wearing USAF-style uniforms accept personal responsibility for meeting these requirements....

ABU and Field Uniforms:


Flight Suit Options:


Corporate Working Uniform (Polo):

For more information, see the Senior Member Welcome Booklet.

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