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Drill Test Request

Ready to complete the Drill Test needed for your promotion?  Submit the below form, print the Drill Test you need and we will get your test completed.  You can print the Drill Test you need from CAPP 60-34 Drill & Ceremonies Practical Tests from the Cadet Library of the National Website to bring to your Cadet Staff on the day of your Drill Test.

You can also find the USAF Drill & Ceremonies AFMAN and the Pocket Sized CAP Drill & Ceremonies Guide there to view and study.

If you are working on your Wright Brothers Achievement, you will need to contact Testing Officer for your Drill Test as it is permissions-limited within eServices.

Drill Tests are administered on the 1st and 4th Tuesday of each month unless there is a holiday or we go dark.  Remember, you MUST complete the Leadership and/or Aerospace Exams BEFORE Drill Test.

Please print your needed Drill Test and bring it with you to be tested if you can.  This will save everyone time.

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*  Wright, Orville
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